About Us

WeHear is a hearing care company originated with the aim of developing the most effective and economical hearing solutions. We successfully developed the hearing-aid solution for hearing impaired in order to empower them and give them the gift of a better life. Currently, we are developing the new age Headphones which provides over the top quality, design, innovation and comfort without damaging our ears. We as a company, believes that the technology advancement is always to help mankind not the other way around.

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WeHear is India’s first hearing care company developing the products to make your day to day hearing habits more ear-health friendly.

Our current product WeHear OX provides the open ear and health-friendly hearing experience as an alternative of current earphones/ headphones. It also comes with the WeHear OX mobile app which gives you a complete hearing care package and loaded with some useful features. It also comes up with the PHI ( Personal Hearing Intelligence), which is your personal hearing care assistant powered by state od the art machine learning algorithms. It monitors your daily hearing patterns and provides very useful insights about your ear health and also gives users personalized suggestions to improve ear health.

Our main goal is to be the pioneer of hearing care community & provide ear-health friendly hearing solutions powered by our technologies.

WeHear also works on B2B projects for different hearing solutions for Defence applications, Audio solutions for industries, and some other segments.